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Cutting Garden

Here at The Wild Garden in Peakirk, North Cambridgeshire, I grow lots of natural and typically 'English Country Garden' flowers.

The season starts off with snowdrops and hellebores, quickly moving on to floaty blossoms, brightly coloured spring bulbs, euphorbia, forget-me-nots and pretty little wildflowers such as cowslips and bluebells.  We then move on to gorgeous perennials such as Aquilegias, Alliums and biennials such as Sweet Rocket, Sweet Williams and Foxgloves.

Summer brings annuals which include love-in-a-mist, cornflowers, pot marigolds, sweet peas, ammi, clary sage, sunflowers, cosmos and zinnias.  Examples of perennials are Achillea, Dianthus, Verbena, Echinops, Sedum and finishing the season with some fantastically showy dahlias.  I also grow herbs, grasses, fruits and berries to use in my designs.

I garden organically, no nasty chemicals or pesticides, and strive to create a natural haven within my garden where I can live happily alongside the birds, bees, Mr and Mrs Hedgehog and all the other little visitors we get!

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